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Next Generation Video Designers

We work on the cutting edge of science and creativity.

With our background as industrial designers, we are used to working in challenging and complex environments. We are not easily satisfied and will work with you on unique video productions that stand out. In doing so, we push the boundaries of what is feasible and strive for originality.

Getting your audience to move, be inspired and informed. That is what we’re good at.

Video is a powerful medium that can share information in a quick and desirable way. By using video you can get your audience moving. We originate from the digital age, understand the new generation and are curious.

Due to our scientific background and our love for beautiful images, we are able to translate complex messages into catchy and visually appealing content.

The purpose of the video comes first.

Who do you want to reach, where do you want to reach them and what do you want to convey? These questions are at the core of making a good video. Thanks to our experience, we can help you achieve these goals. In doing this we take your brand, target group, message and budget into account.

Springstof Media
Springstof Media

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Coen Mulder

Gilian Zwaan

Vincent Brocken

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