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How much does it cost to make a video? Of course, that is a question we often get. Unfortunately, this question is difficult to answer on its own. Not because we determine our prices at random, or because we want to be secretive. But because the question “What does a video cost?” does not give us enough information to give a correct answer.

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A video is an investment

First of all, it is good to mention that a video does not only cost money. When we make a good video, it will be an investment that will also yield a return. This return could be leads to your website, more job applications, more brand awareness, etc. Therefore, we think that the costs that are involved in making a good video, mainly have to be seen as an investment.

When you ask us how much it costs to make a video, you can expect a number of questions in return. What is the purpose of your video? What is the message of your video? Who do you want to watch the video? Where will the video be watched? Ultimately, the combination of all these questions will determine the shape and form of your video. And in the end of course, what the video will cost.

But what is that price based on? In general, a video requires two things: time and material. How many people are involved in the production of the video, for how long and what material and equipment do we need?

This is all very nice, but how exactly are those costs built up? I will explain the cost per step of the video production process below.

Concept and script

During this phase of the process we determine the form and content of your video. We will look for the perfect idea. In order to come up with this idea we will have brainstorming sessions and conversations, we will develop a concept, we will have even more conversations and eventually we will write a script.

The type of video determines how much time we will spent on this phase. Some scripted videos require a long process to determine the exact feel and mood of the video. Other videos such as a recap video require less preparation.

For a scripted video this phase will quickly take 2 days. With an average hourly rate of 50 euros per hour.


After we have developed a good plan, it is time to prepare for the filming day. We translate the script into documents that are needed during the day of the shoot, such as a shot list and callsheet. We also arrange locations, actors, extras, equipment, logistics, etc. This way we ensure that nothing is left to the odds and the shooting day runs smoothly.

Scripted videos generally require a substantial amount of preparation before we arrive on set. This is important, because the costs of a crew of 5 people, who do not know what to do can quickly add up. So, preparation is key.

There are also videos which do not require as much preparation. We can usually pre-produce portrait videos and recap videos completely in-house and they do not have major logistical challenges. For a video that requires 1 recording day, we need about 1 day of pre-production, with an hourly rate of 50 euros per hour.

Springstof Media
Springstof Media


Once we are well prepared, we can start filming the video. Sometimes a single day of filming is enough, sometimes multiple days are required. It all depends on the video idea that we came up with.

For a shooting day we need equipment like a camera, but also lenses, tripods, lamps, sound equipment, etc. We need people to operate that equipment and manage the shooting day.

Our most common setup of one camera, basic lighting, audio, a camera operator and director costs about 1000 euros per day.

When we have shot all the footage it is time to assemble the video. For this we will edit, but also do audio post-processing, colour correction and animation.

For a scripted video we generally have a well-developed script that works as a good basis for the editing. The editing of a scripted video is therefore a bit faster than the editing of a recap video or short documentary. In a recap video or documentary, we generally end a shooting day with a lot more footage than we will eventually use. This results in a nice puzzle when editing the footage.

The costs for post-production can vary greatly. From 3 to 5 hours for a vlog to more than a week for an extensive documentary. For a 2-3-minute video, the average editing time is around 25 to 35 hours. And the costs of post-production are on average 50 euros per hour.

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So what does a video cost?

The question, as you might have noticed, is still difficult to answer. All your wishes and everything we come up with during the process ultimately determines the cost of the video. Therefore, the cost of a video can vary greatly.

Are you curious what video can do for you or what your idea costs? Get in touch! We are happy to help you.

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