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What makes a good idea great?

Every video starts with a good idea. How do you convey your message in your video most effectively? And how do you make sure your video resonates? First of all, you need a clear framework for your video. Who do you want to reach and why? Of course, the type of idea we will come up with depends on the type of video. For example, for an informative video it is not always useful to come up with very creative ideas. While for a promotional video creative ideas are exactly what we are looking for.

Springstof Media

Coming up with ideas is hard work

When the framework is clear it is time to come up with “the” idea. What will your video look like?

Coming up with a really good idea is hard work. Waiting for the perfect idea to come out of the blue doesn’t make much sense. In our opinion, coming up with ideas is mainly an exercise in making original and unpredictable connections.

We therefore prefer to organize a session with everyone involved, to let our brains work together and let our imaginations run wild. We slowly shape ideas through all kinds of creative techniques. One of those techniques can be a classic brainstorm. But we use many more methods.

When do you know that an idea is good?

Usually the energy in the room tells us when we have a really good idea. Everyone gets excited. Even though the idea may not be complete, we will continue to work until we have fully conceived the idea and looked at it from all angles. Ultimately, we want to convey our idea of the video to the viewer. Therefore we believe that above all, the video idea should not be too complicated. When we come up with a complicated idea, the viewer probably won’t understand it immediately.

If the idea of your video cannot be made clear within one or two sentences, there is probably still some work to do. Together we will fine-tune the idea until we reach the absolute core. Only then can we start thinking about what the video will ultimately look like.

As you can see, there is a lot involved in coming up with a good idea. The foundation of your video stands or falls with the right idea. Because of our background as Industrial Design Engineers, we have gained a lot of experience in coming up with, and validating good ideas. That’s why we believe we can assist you during this process.

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